A Shocking Child Abuse Story From Ireland You Will Never Forget. 23/05/2018

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Posted on March 5, 2012 at 8:10 PM

I never forget the things that has happened to me as a child.  The many people that you thought you could trust called me a liar when I spoke the truth so I started to lie to some of them and said these things never happene, but I know the truth and only I had or have to live with it everyday of my life.  I also hid a lot, ashamed, was it really my fault, who would believe, would telling anyone stop it.

I became an overprotective mother, I loved and smothered my children just to give them things, love, comfort that I missed as a child.  My children do not know my story but maybe daughter suspects.   I  have asked her to read your book to maybe understand why I behaved so much a overprotective mom.    I had her watching abuse movies since she was 8yrs. old and always told her to never be afraid to tell me anything no matter who it is.  I branded that in her head consistently.  

Lily, you are stronger than you think to come as far as you have, you are still alive because you have a  purpose, a story to tell, people to help.  Many times I wanted to die and many times I lose faith in god  and question WHY? we were only innocent children.  You  today have helped me and you don't even know me.   When I got your tweet this morning in response to my post about your book, the excitment I got to hear from you.  I called my daughter and said the author tweeted me, me.   I don't know what this means or where it will lead me but I know it meant something and I'm going to see where it takes me.   Maybe to open up and share my story with others or to help other abusers.   I'm "A Work In Progress"


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