A Shocking Child Abuse Story From Ireland You Will Never Forget. 23/05/2018

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Posted on May 22, 2012 at 2:25 AM

I started your book today, and read front to back all in one sitting! I can not believe there are sooo many rotton people in this world and you had to endure soo much pain from those you thought were close to you. Finding Tony was a God send, for he truely loves you endlessly (every womans dream). You have a purpose, and no matter how rough you had it, this book is truely an inspiration and you have a chance to make a world of difference. Stay possitive and continue to educate the world on abuse. It's one of those topics (like sex) where everyone knows it's happening but wants to turn their head or pretend it is not!. You are a strong lady with a great heart, enjoy your children and partner while you can. You have a huge support system behind you.


To be frank, I would love to come to london and kick ur mum's ass, along with her piece of shit bf. I'm so glad you seperated yourself and your family from all of them. They are truely unbelievable and should rot in prison for all eternity. Sister Ann better be praying for her own ass too...hope all those "cunts" rot in hell. Makes me so angry.

Best of luck to you and your family. Stay strong! Best of wishes! xo


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