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Questions for Lily

Posted on June 12, 2012 at 7:50 PM

Hi Lily,

I'm in the process of reading your book and if nothing else it lets me know that my childhood that I viewed as bad really wasn't that bad at all. It's amazing that abuse of this magnitude could have happened to so many children for such a long period of time and nobody did anything to stop it. What's even more incredible is that it was done by priests and nuns who are supposed to adhere to the love and compassion Jesus taught. They are clearly very sick people.

I'm wondering, if you don't mind answering, if these nuns and other abusers are alive today and if any of them have paid for what they did? Have you received any compensation from the Catholic Church for what they did to you as some other victims of their abuse have?

When did these things happen? Have the Catholic Church or the Irish government made any attempt to help you try to heal your emotional injuries, such as providing therapy or any other help?

If you don't want to answer questions I understand. I figured that it doesn't hurt to ask though.



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