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How do you know someone is genuine?

Posted on October 25, 2013 at 8:45 AM

...when you can't find "click here to buy my book" links all over their website...


Try it some day...you will find it is a rule inclined to hold true.

The downside is that I have only just found your book...and now I have found it I can't seem to get it up on Kindle...never mind...I am in no hurry to read it.

"How do I feel now", on the front page, cuts too close to the bone...my bone...

Remember algebra? The way that so many different formulae can, in the end, arrive at the same answer? I am just at the same answer from a different formula.

Funny thing, somebody tried (and failed) to mimic me once, and I look and just see garbage that has nothing to do with reality...

I read (no, truth is, I scanned it) that first page and saw my head inside someone else's life.

Most people grow up, exactly as you say, except they are out there in the audience, where everything is edited to be as reassuring and hopeful as possible.

We, human beings, are not really designed to handle the whole of truth.

Some of us slip down a rabbithole and find ourselves behind the scenes, where there is no editing. Then we do not have much choice but see clearly through everything most people get to take comfort in. We know that, unless you get a functional family issued at birth, nobody will ever really care. We know that everybody is out for themselves and their loved ones and doesn't really give a flying feck who they hurt or harm (and we get to know, only too well, that hurt and harm can be very different things) . We know that the cavalry will NEVER come and there is no other form of rescue...

...all we can do is life in fear every day of our lives and hope we do not attract more harm than we can handle alone.

I am on the edge of having to cut off all interaction with the internet (apart from that I have always been a near total recluse, I am mutually incompatible with people there is no way to fix any of me, either). I can't seem to look without tripping over some hideous, corrupt agenda or another that other people will not see until it is too late, and losing it because I can even *FEEL* the harm it will do.

I have seen so much that is so dirty and rotten that my own species disgusts me...and yes, the ones who pretend to care and want to "rescue" you are the cruellest, and most ironical of all...because their is ALWAYS an agenda, and it has nothing to do  with your wellbeing....far from it.

One day, Amazon will finally deliver your book, and I will read it...but until then, based on one single page:

Morituri te salutant

(The Gladiator's salute, given by those who intended to avoid dying for as long as possible despite it all - which pretty much sums up my existance )

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